11 de Octubre del 2019

“Las nuevas etiquetas de Masia Freyé son elegantes, ligeras y orgánicas.”


Mónica Custodio is an artist and lives in the Poble-sec neighbourhood with her partner and her dog Dorian. In the same district she has her beautiful atelier and showroom, where she creates her watercolours and imparts classes. In her intimately congenial workshops, Mónica teaches watercolour and drawing techniques and encourages her pupils to discover their own creativity through colours and emotions.


We know Mónica because she was in charge of illustrating the natural elements that take centre stage in the new Masia Freyé labels designed by Anna Serra of Grow Studio.



When we arrive in her atelier, just by the lovely light that floods it, the scent of wood and the paintings, plus the presence of the artist herself, we know that we will spend a very pleasant time here. Mónica is all tenderness. Below we give you the chance to get to know her better.



Mónica, what is culture for you?

Culture is curiosity, it’s knowledge. It’s the desire to learn, it’s experimenting. I find there is a close tie with a philosophical aspect, which is the intensity of living. I believe that those who are cultured live things more intensely. If you know about music, you can live a concert more deeply; if you know about opera you can let it surprise you more acutely...




What do you do to cultivate it?

For me, both culture and creativity are two pillars, both personally and professionally. I do lots of things: I go to weekly exhibitions; I take inspiring walks; I subscribe to a service that sends me a book per month (even though I end up reading more than one); I also go to concerts, I adore opera... Having the Liceu opera house in Barcelona enables me to go very often to enjoy it.



I also go on inspirational trips, during which I also do workshops. But not just my own; I also attend others that allow me to learn. For example, I do creative retreats in Marrakesh every five months where I give classes, but now I want to go to Florence to learn the fresco technique, or in January I have already planned to go to London to do watercolour. These are trips in which the cities can inspire me, discovering the background of a painter or an artistic movement.




It is important to be continuously educating oneself.

I believe so. Today, with the networks everything goes so quickly... So people learn and do a bit of everything. One has to pursue, research and experiment, otherwise you end up doing what everybody else does.



What inspires you?

I am inspired by nature, the most intimate emotions, the most delicate gestures and emotions, the energy of the earth... I’ve always thought that I am a woman of the forest and the desert.




Which are your motivations?

I know exactly what my motivations are, because I have had to work hard on them as brands. I want to inspire. I have a knack for helping other women to transcend their day to day. And I do it through painting, which is why my workshops are very special.




A book?

“The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” by Holly Ringland


A song?

“Nia” by Oum


And a film?

“Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott.



What is your favourite time of the day for drinking a glass of wine?

Even though I’m not very nocturnal, it would have to be the evening. Still, I associate wine with pleasure, so if I’m with a friend, we are somewhere nice and it’s one o’clock noontime, it’s also a good time to have a drink. In fact, I associate good company and good conversation with good wine. (laughs)




Why have you chosen the Freyé Syrah/Tempranillo?

I love red wines... I tend not to look too much at the grape varieties but rather at the designations of origin. I don’t like sweet white wines and I don’t like wine to be cold. I am more inclined to reds for their intensity and always ask for them, even when the weather is hot.


With which dish would you pair them?

With an appetizer (laughs). I can’t quite see drinking wine with a dish, I can’t imagine it with a steak or a fish dish. I associate it more with a conversation, lying in a relaxing bath...



In your case we’ll ask you an extra question...

Did you enjoy painting the natural elements of the new Masia Freyé wines? What was your inspiration?

When Anna from the Grow Design studio commissioned me to illustrate the labels she was designing, what we wanted was for them to be light, elegant and, above all, for the watercolour to be obvious, we wanted the more organic part of this technique to be visible. I am very lucky to be working with Anna, and when I receive a commission from her, I always know it will be special. We discuss each project thoroughly to find out what the brand seeks to transmit. And in this case, I particularly remember that we wanted to achieve this organic effect for the new Masia Freyé labels, for the message they seek to transmit, which are earth, origin and also art and culture.


You can find out more about Mónica’s work and courses on her website: